Elsie the BBNW Van

Elsie the BBNW Van


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Breaking Barriers NW offers support to over 1,000 families in the North West region, all of whom have Disabled children and young people as part of them. We also offer support to adults with Autism to help them better manage whatever challenges they are currently facing. We offer supported work placements at our Bolton based Charity shop which is run by fabulous volunteers and the money raised by the sale of donations makes a huge part of our work possible.

Elsie is our much loved van who works very hard collecting and delivering goods, transporting volunteers, enabling us to attend events with lots of resources, take families camping, keep the shop clear of rubbish and gain valuable extra funds by weighing in any goods we can't sell.

We need our van and we absolutely need to make sure it is road worthy, fully insured and all MOT and service details are up to date.

Please could you help us by making a small donation? Every penny helps us to keep Elsie on the road and therefore keep reaching out to families when they need us as well as covering volunteer expenses and keeping the light, heat and broadband working in the shop and the floors above where we meet and work from.

Thank you so much x